Yoga Over 45

Feel fitter, stronger, for longer

Are you a qualified yoga teacher with an interest in teaching older students?

Yoga over 45 has a mission - to improve the health and well-being of those in mid life or later years.

I've set myself a scary mission; to reach a million people by 2020. If you've read any of the work of Mike Dooley or similar, (For example "Infinite Possibilities: the art of living your dreams") you'll know he says set the "What" and let the dreaded "hows" look after themselves. So exactly how this will happen I'm not sure -  but what I am sure of is I cannot do this on my own! so I remind myself of the goal - imagine how cool it would be if I achieved it - and then just start taking small steps believing things will happen if I just let them!

I'd love to hear from you if you:
  • Are a qualified yoga teacher - interested in teaching students in mid life or later years.

  • Are seriously considering taking a yoga teacher training programme in the near future.

  • Are struggling with the business side of teaching yoga.

  • Might be interested in getting involved in this project: whether that be helping support with cover or developing classes of your own or in some other capacity.

  • Are collaborative in nature.

  • Have some time to spare to get involved.

  • Quite like the idea of stepping out of your comfort zone!

I'd also like to hear from you if you are in some complimentary therapy such as physiotherapy, acupunture, Ayurveda etc.

  Already collaborating with Carmen Bratton, a qualified and highly skilled, yoga therapist, we've now run two workshops for our students which have proved both popular and enjoyable and we are keen to develop workshops and retreats which continue to encourage and support our students in their quest to improve their well-being. If you work in a complimentary therapy area there may be possibilities for collaboration

Interested? Get in touch and tell us a little about you. We'd love to hear from you.

Carmen and Shona


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