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shutterstock 141029854There are two main types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is due to an autoimmune destruction of cells which manufacture insulin and Type 2 diabetes is caused through the body becoming resistant to the effects of insulin produced. In either case, the result is the body’s blood sugar rises which is extremely serious and increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke as much as a pack of cigarettes a day. Further complications include blindness, kidney failure and amputations.

The good news about Type 2 diabetes is that what you do can have a dramatic effect on whether or not you develop it and on how it progresses. Three key things will help you prevent diabetes - and if you already have it, reduce the risks of morbidity from the disease. They are regular exercise, keeping your weight down and taking measures to fight stress. Regular yoga practice can help you do all three.

Yoga can help people with diabetes in a number of ways

  • Yoga can increase will power, self-confidence, strength, flexibility, contentment and discipline which can be a massive help with weight loss.
  • Yoga movements are not all about contorting your body like a gymnast. Yoga movements can be achieved by anyone - no matter what their size; flexibility or abilities. With a knowledgeable teacher and the use of simple props you can begin to gently improve your ability to move, stretch and increase your cardiovascular health.
  • You can practice at home easily. Once you understand some of the basic principles behind the practice, yoga easily fits into a simple routine you can do at home.
  • Yoga can dramatically reduce stress which makes the condition worse. Stress produces high levels of adrenalin and cortisol, which increase the levels of blood sugar, making the situation worse. High cortisol levels can also promote overeating and the build-up of intra-abdominal fat, which also contribute to insulin resistance.
  • Yoga can help improve feelings of numbness or the painful burning sensations known as diabetic neuropathy. Diabetes can affect the autonomic nervous system, which controls various blood vessels and organs in the body. Problems resulting include numbness and burning pains, but this can also affect digestion and a feeling of light-headedness when standing up quickly.
  • Yoga can help ulceration of the skin on the feet. Diabetes causes reduced blood flow and often compromised nerve function in the feet for many people, and in the worst cases, even superficial cuts can progress to serious infection requiring amputation. Yoga can help correct uneven patterns of weight distribution on the foot which might exacerbate the problem. Regular practise of standing poses helps maintain a more even distribution of weight across the bottom of the foot, lessening the pressure on any one spot.
  • Some studies are showing a reduction in levels of medication required to control the disease. Whilst there is a need for more comprehensive trials, some studies are showing yoga can help reduce the level of medication required to control the disease.
Learn more about the yoga for diabetes programme below

What you’ll experience:

  • An individual assessment of your current flexibility, strength and how your diabetes is impacting on you.
  • An initial 10 session programme which will give you your own plan to:
  • Reduce feelings of stress which can make  the condition worse
  • Help increase will power, discipline and self-confidence which can be a great help with weight loss and other health issues
  • Increase your energy level and sense of well-being

How programmes work:

Ideally, join a "kick-start" programme first.

You'll learn enough in these 10 sessions to be able to continue on your own at home if you want to.

You don’t have to attend specific dates - but you do have to attend 10 sessions over a 16 week period. This is to help you really get used to the new exercises, to set your personal health goals, establish your own personal routine and begin to encourage new habits which will stick.

After your 10 sessions you can continue either as a drop in, or choose one of the discounted regular user options

For less severe cases find a regular class and book here.

Specialised classes for severe diabetes will begin based upon demand. See Private sessions also.

Contact us if you are interested in joining these classes and we'll ensure you are the first to know when they begin!

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