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" I want to thank you for an experience that has certainly altered my life.I was a little apprehensive at the outset but you put everyone at ease.I enjoyed and immersed myself in every minute of the tuition. "
Steve (Cantley beginner course)
" Loved the session tonight. It was so informative and instructive and looking forward to the rest of the course. We have tried a couple of other yoga studios and, although they have been enjoyable, they have been quite fast paced and we've never been sur "
Erika (Cantley Beginner class)
" I feel very lucky that I stumbled upon you and your beginners class back in January, there really is something in it! "
" I would like to say to you that I really enjoy your classes, the way you instruct, demonstrate and support. From one teacher to another I would like to say how good you are and I am pleased to have found your classes. "
Cherryl (Cantley class)
" I’d just like to say how much I enjoyed the trial yoga session on Monday evening, at Bawtry. I couldn’t believe how powerful your words were when you said, “When you step on the mat it’s your time!” I felt it gave me ‘permission’ to enjoy and relax. I "
Lisa Suter
" Thank you for 2 inspirational classes today, they were thoroughly enjoyable and absorbing! Could I put my name down to reserve a place for the day retreat on Saturday 20 Jan please? The last one was fantastic and can't wait to do another one! "
June Borrowdale
" I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed today's yoga class. I loved the restorative exercises and found them so relaxing. "
Gill Hafford
" I've only been to one class so far and I can't wait for the next one! Shona is an excellent teacher and very encouraging. Lovely atmosphere in the hall, very calming. "
Loretta West
" My motivation is to maintain my health and strength for as long as possible while coping with MS. The classes have really transformed my approach to exercise and inspired me to carry on. Shona has a very gentle and capable approach and her instructions a "
Lisa Scott
" I'm not sure you always know how wonderful we all think you are Shona! you have an incredible talent for making 14 individuals feel like a team, but also the beneficiaries of totally bespoke and individualised attention. You are very, very clear! You ex "
Noreen D'Rozario
" I was beginning to feel stiff, under-active and de-motivated and coming to the classes has made me feel much better - more supple. I feel the approach is just right and enjoy the relaxing background music. "
Rebecca Townend
" I joined shona's classes because I wanted to improve the flexibility and suppleness of my body. the classes have been a tremendous help with this. the group feels very inclusive and friendly which I like. Teaching approach/style is excellent - I appre "
Hilary White
" I find the whole experience completely positive. the teaching has enabled me to practise at home and to derive enormous benefit from everything, especially the breathing exercises which I often use. Whatever level you are you are made to feel that you are "
Jennifer Deans
" Like the approach of the teacher and her awareness of what is happening in the room. Nice to do different routines. "
Jenny Southam
" Wasn't sure what to expect but the workshop was very well thought out and flowed really well. Amazed what we managed to cover in the time. Great range of props available and felt free to experiment with them. Really enjoyed being introduced to new parts o "
Jackie Gumsley
" Brilliant yoga class. I have found muscles i didn't know had. Feel Fabulous. And Shona is not too bad either! LOL "
Trish Kingham
" I like your approach and style - very clear instructions; personal recommendation sheet a good idea as is the online support. In fact, you are the best teacher in yoga I’ve ever had! "
Janie Black
" Feel I have improved in flexibility. I appreciate being able to hear the instructions. Some teachers feel speaking very softly helps the atmosphere, but my hearing means I can’t hear them. "
Pat Tonge
" I have been to a couple of yoga classes many years ago, but never enjoyed yoga as much as I do now. I love the classes; the flexibility of the memberships, and the online support. "
Sally Davies
" I have back problems, so I joined the classes because I needed to strengthen my core and back. Yoga has helped me both physically and mentally. I appreciate the teaching approach and length of class. Shona is extremely accommodating to each individual’s n "
Lisa Child
" I began yoga because of neck and shoulder muscular problems which are improving amazingly! Shona’s teaching style is encouraging, and I don’t feel bad that I can’t always do some exercises very well. "
A Cantley class student
" I have not done yoga before and wanted a class where I would feel comfortable. I say Yoga over 45 advertised in the Free Press and your website sold it to me! I thoroughly enjoy the class. The teaching style is excellent. Clear explanations of positions. "
Cheryl Kay
" I appreciate the way the classes look at a range of styles and how Shona always has alternative levels of an exercise, so no-one feels excluded "
Jane Ward
" I saw what yoga had given to two of my friends - they became healthier looking and much calmer. It’s only early days yet - have only done 4 classes but my bad ankle already seems more supple. Shona’s teaching style is friendly and informed. "
Sue Curtis
" I joined yoga because I wanted to be fit, supple and stronger. I like Shona’s thorough and clear teaching style. The venue is very convenient and the class is friendly. "
A student
" I have to say that I am delighted with the Friday class - I've done 4 now and I can already feel the benefit but, most importantly, you make it really worthwhile with your clear instruction and ongoing encouragement. Thank you! "
Noreen Drozario
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