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These are challenging times.

We may feel anxious; isolated; frustrated at confinement and conscious we need to still look after our health, fitness and overall well-being, perhaps more than ever at this time.

My classes ceased on the 16th March when lock-down began. But my community were keen to keep going with their yoga, so I developed and began teaching online.

Over the last 3 weeks, dozens of students have joined me, and it’s been a wonderful opportunity to still keep in touch with the friends they have made in class, as well as still feel the benefit of hitting the mat!

It appears we may be unable to run classes as normal for some time yet – so I’m extending live-stream classes and the recordings for at least another 4 to 6 weeks. (Because now I know this works!)

So, if you are already a yoga fan who is missing their classes or a complete beginner who senses yoga might have something to offer you at this time, to benefit your health and well-being, then do join me.

And if you do, because I feel this is a time when we all try to do our bit, 10% of all proceeds will go to Doncaster Phoenix Women's Aid who are struggling more than most at this time.

Details of classes below:

Option 1
6 week beginner course

Every Wednesday 6pm live-stream & recordings
£30 with 10% to Doncaster Phoenix Women's Aid

Ideal for new or nearly new students or anyone who would prefer a slower, more structured programme. Learn and practise key poses and techniques that can form a practice which can help you improve or maintain strength, flexibility and a sense of calm and well-being - for the rest of your life.

The next course begins Wednesday 13th May

For more information and to join please click the link below:

Join the 6 week online yoga for beginner course

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Option 2
8 class, 4 week pass

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm live stream & recordings
£25 with 10% to Doncaster Phoenix Women's Aid

For students with some experience, and who would like to draw on a wider range of poses and techniques.

The next 4 week pass begins Tuesday 29th April.

For more information and to join please click the link below:

Join the 8 class, 4 week pass.

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Option 3
30 day yoga for Resilience Challenge

This is an online yoga course with a difference!
£45 with 10% to Doncaster Phoenix Women's Aid

I wanted to create something which used my psychology and coaching background, my learning on yoga, meditation and mindfulness techniques and my love of supporting personal growth in others, to create a programme which goes deeper than just practising yoga poses.

This is about how to use this unexpected time many of us suddenly find ourselves with, to  learn more about how to build inner as well as physical strength so we not only cope with the current crisis, but are in an even better position to lead happier and more fulfilling lives when it’s all over. 

A mix of 2 live-stream yoga classes a week and their recordings; plus tons of additional content; including mindfulness and meditation techniques; learning some of the science behind how our bodies and minds work and how we have more control over this than we realise; reflection exercises designed to get you thinking and videos of some of the world’s greatest speakers sharing their wisdom on a range of related topics. 

This is a chance to come out the other side of the Covid -19 crisis physically, mentally and emotionally stronger than before.

The next course begins Tuesday 29th April.

For more information and to join please click the link below:

Join the 30 day yoga for resilience challenge

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If you have any questions about any of these programmes please don't hesitate to ask.