Yoga Over 45

Feel fitter, stronger, for longer

How to add years to life - and life to years.

How can we age and stay feeling full of the same energy and vibrancy we had in our 20's and 30's?

How can we retain, or even improve our flexibility, strength and balance DESPITE advancing years?

Join me this summer - either face to face, online OR
at a NEW Summer series of YOGA RETREAT DAYS
to learn how yoga and a little know-how could SIGNIFICANTLY improve your energy, mobility and vibrancy as you age.


Getting older does NOT need to mean getting stiffer. Any student of mine who's been to my classes know my mantra is: I might have to accept growing old. I'm darned if I will acccept growing infirm!  

In my 70th year I know that taking care of our bodies as we age doesn't have to be that hard - and after over 45 years of practise I know yoga can really make a positive difference to  your strength, flexibility, your energy and just feeling good  - and I'd like to share and inspire others to take control of their health and well-being as they age too..  

So....whether you're a fit and active 40 something who wants to stay that way or you feel you're losing some of your strength, flexibility and energy in recent months,  I'm here to tell you yoga can help you stay active, have more energy and feel fitter and I'd love to show you how!

Whatever you want to do in your life, 
Yoga over 45 is ALL about helping you stay fit enough to do it!







Join a 6 week beginner course. 
However, next 6 week courses do not
start till week commencing 5th September 2022

To find out more about these click here:

Beginner 6 week course


All classes will help you:

  • Prevent or reduce stiffness and back or joint pain.
  • De-stress, unwind and feel calmer. (And these days - that's a biggie!)
  • Improve your flexibility and strength - particularly in your core. (It will also minimise the risk of injury & improve flexibility if you enjoy more strenuous sports.)
  • Tone your muscles.
  • Lose weight.
  • If you are under 45 (lucky you!) but feel intimidated by vigorous yoga styles or have health issues which  would benefit from a gentler approach then these courses or classes might be a better fit for you. 

No tying yourself in knots! No feeling out of place. No competition to see who can bend the most or feeling like you're surrounded by 20 somethings who are looking for a gym-style workout! 

Instead, a relaxed approach; which allows you to move at your own pace, yet challenges you to improve your current fitness level, and takes account of the whole you - not just your physical health; but your mental and emotional health too. 

One of my favourite mentors, Jim Rohn said:
"Take care of your body: it's the only place you have to live."
I believe that's true and I believe yoga will help you take care of your body.

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You can do nothing about your age
But you can affect HOW you age.

Yoga can have a significant and powerfully positive impact on your health! Even 15 minutes a day can make a difference, so if you're "feeling your age" in any way at all -  yoga can help.

Find out a little more about founder Shona Garner and what prompted Yoga over 45 in this 3 minute video. 


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Interested In Therapeutic Yoga or more personalised sessions?

If you suffer with a severe medical condition it may be that therapeutic and restorative sessions which teach you more restorative postures and breathing techniques in smaller groups or 1-1 might be best for you - at least initially.

If you'd like more information or want to register your interest in these sessions, then simply complete the form below and we'll get back to you very shortly.

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