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" To transform the health, well-being and experience of aging for anyone approaching mid-life or later years, creating ongoing generations of healthier older people. "

" To make a real difference to students' experience of ageing and create classes and programmes people enjoy. "

 Yoga is not only for people who are young and fit and in good health.shutterstock 170454953

It’s true, there are some vigorous yoga classes, but experienced yoga therapists often find that people with no experience in yoga make quicker progress than those with years of experience.  Yoga is not about “going for the burn”, or pushing yourself: instead it’s about listening to your body and gently moving into postures. With guidance from a good teacher you can learn how to stretch and increase your flexibility and strength without risk of injury.

 Yoga is not just about being flexible

shutterstock 161569388The primary aim of yoga is not flexibility  - it’s balance.

You may have flexibility - but what you need is strength. You may have strength, but need flexibility. You may be stressed and need to be able to relax. You may have trouble staying motivated. You may suffer the effects of illness which takes you out of balance. What yoga does is challenge you wherever you need it - making you a more balanced person.


Yoga is not a religion, nor is it just about sitting cross-legged chanting!shutterstock 141029854

There is certainly a spiritual side to yoga, but you don’t have to subscribe to a particular belief to benefit from it. Whatever brings you to yoga, it's probably because you want to improve some aspect of your physical or emotional health and unlike many other types of exercise, yoga supports a far broader spectrum of your health. You'll find what works for you.

My mum used to say: It doesn't matter how much money you have - without your health you have nothing.

The older I get - the more I really understand that!

I began teaching yoga in my twenties - after a teacher training course which got me totally hooked on the benefits. I saw people on that programme who were finding it a really useful practice for relieving conditions such as arthritis and stress as well as building strength and flexibility and controlling weight. As someone who had  struggled with weight gain and a low self-esteem right through my teens, yoga seemed to have a far more positive effect on me than the gym attendance. I LOVED that programme.

I taught for 5 years, and then stopped teaching due to other work commitments - but even with a busy career and two children, yoga still remained part of my life and my own fitness regime. Yes - there were some periods when it seemed relegated to the back burner, but never for long - and over the last 20 years I have continued to practise in my own home.

Every day we see stories of the increasing elderly population and the increased risk of poor health associated with age. I believe yoga can be one of the most powerful ways of helping us to remain stronger and healthier, for longer.

I want to grow old - but not infirm; don't we all?

I want to make my second half century count - and if I can help others to do the same that seems like a good way to spend my time. 

I hope you join the movement!

Experience and credentials:
  • 500 hour, advanced qualification in yoga.                                                                 
  • Experienced teacher with over 8 years experience of teaching yoga.                               RYT500logo
  • Registered with Yoga Alliance _ E-RYT200 & RYT500.

I am a fully qualified yoga teacher, having studied to advanced 500 hour level - and consistently continuing my education and learning for my benefit - as well as that of my students!

Recently gained Yoga alliance "Experienced teacher" status: E-RYT200 for teaching over  1000 hours.

E RYT200 1 



Holding Back the Years?

Preventive yoga is perfect for you if you are generally fit, active and/or into competitive sports.

Competitive sports, or activity such as high impact aerobics or jogging bring with them the risk of injury.

Learn how yoga can:

  • Help prevent injury and relax muscles after intense workouts through understanding how to stretch properly.
  • Help increase muscle tone.
  • Help you unwind - no matter how hectic life is.
  • Reduce and even eliminate any early symptoms of stiffness or joint or back pain.

Start building even a short, but regular yoga routine into your daily life and you can hold back the years!

For timetable of classes and to reserve a place at any class click here.

Need more support to cope with more severe health problems?

Yoga has been shown to be useful in all sorts of more serious medical conditions.

If you suffer with more serious conditions such as:

  • Severe or more chronic stress sysmptoms (including depression, anxiety and headaches.)
  • Severe stiffness and joint pain. (including osteoporosis and back pain)
  • Heart disease and high blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Balance problems (such as multiple sclerosis)

Then get in touch.

Our aim is to help you find a routine which supports and helps you cope with your illness.

Want to register your interest in 1-1 or more tailored support? Contact us.


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