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Almost 3 weeks ago I took a tumble - a pretty undignified one at that! Feet slid from under me on a wet floor and I landed smack on my bum with a whack which almost brought tears to my eyes.

First couple of days afterwards I actually thought I'd gotten away pretty lightly - and then the pain hit. Sometimes it was bearable - and I thought it was getting better but then two weeks in and I woke up to find I could hardly walk. Simply putting pressure on my feet sent sharp pains around my buttocks.

Some yoga teacher eh?! When I can hardly walk!

But I know enough to know that whilst you may have to reduce the intensity of movement you make when injured, to stop moving is only going to make things worse. You'll stiffen up even more - and the muscles will lose their strength and elasticity.

So - my yoga routine had to change - and  on my GP's advice I took stronger pain killers which would allow me to gently move the affected areas. My vigorous salute to the sun and morning routine has been replaced with more restorative and gentle stretches and which actually feel really good; easing the stiffness and relaxing the tension in the muscles which so often accompanies pain. My pain is lessening, my flexibility is gradually returning - and more importantly, I'm feeling much less stressed and tense. That gentle, but consistent practice is helping me return to normal so much faster.

It's been a timely reminder as I teach my students, of these key lessons:

  1. Gentle movement after an injury can help you recover more quickly. Yoga is perfect for encouraging gentle, controlled movements - which will rebuild your muscle strength, ease aching joints and reduce the tension which so often accompanies pain.
  2. Be even more mindful of how you feel as you do the poses: really tune in to how your body feels, and adjust the depth of stretch, use props and avoid more vigorous poses until you feel your body is ready.
  3. A few minutes a day is FAR better than once or twice a week. It takes time to build a habit (research varies from 21  to 40 days) - but if the prize is getting your mojo back - is it not worth it?

It's been a really useful reminder to me that losing your mobility is one of the most frustrating and debilitating experiences we can have. Added to that, living with pain can be draining. Whether the pain and lack of mobility is a result of an injury, like mine, or another condition, learning how to take control and improve how you feel can only be a good thing.

My GP said - whatever I did, not to stop my yoga! (No chance of that!)

Whether yours is an acute condition or something more chronic - building even 10 minutes a day of gentle yoga stretches into your day can make a significant difference to how you feel.

So - what are you waiting for?! When will you do your 10 minutes?

(To find out more about restorative yoga poses and how to design a short sequence which is right for you - why not come along to one the new classes? We're just getting off the ground - but the Cantley class is almost full - likely to need to add another class soon! - and the Intake class is growing. If you're not in those areas - but you'd like to see a class in your area -  do get in touch. I'd love to hear from you. Let's start a yoga revolution in Doncaster!)



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