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Your age is your age - right? And you can do nothing about it?


I learned some time ago we actually have 3 aqes - and two of them are most definitely under your control.

Your chronological age:

Your chronological age is the age on your birth certificate. You have no influence over that and you certainly can't change it. (Although some of us might be tempted to get a little economical with the truth sometimes!)

The trouble is, this really doesn't give us an accurate reflection of our age.

Do you know people in their eighties who have the energy and fitness of someone 20 years younger?

Or perhaps you know people in their forties who look and behave 20 years older - and are plagued with health issues which make them seem older too?

Chronological age is not a good indicator for defining who you are. However, the next two indicators are.

Your biological age:

This is the age of your body's systems, like our lungs, liver and heart.

Is it possible for an eighty year old to have better lung capacity than a 40 year old? Yes - particularly if the forty year old smokes.

Or what about someone who drinks too much alcohol - do you think their liver might be in worse shape far sooner than someone who drinks in moderation?


You have the ability to directly influence your biological age every day.

Your attitudinal age;

I've met "young" 80 year olds - and "old" 20 year olds in my time.

Age is an attitude!Maybe there is some truth in the saying "You're as old as you feel!"

How you approach life can make a massive difference to how you are perceived, and how you feel.

What could you to control and influence your biological and attitudinal age?

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