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Well - most people won't think yoga could do much to help tlose weighthem lose weight - unless, of course, you're into the more vigorous styles such as Ashtanga or hot yoga; and even then, the assumption would be you'd probably have more success jogging or training in the gym if you really want to buff up and trim down.

It is true that a 150 pound individual will  burn roughly 150 calories an hour doing yoga compared to 311 calories for an hour of walking at 3mph. 

However, there can be  some surpising benefits in the body shape department if you give yoga a go!

On a physical level yoga can:
  • Stimulate important internal organs such as the liver, thyroid and digestive tract.
    When these organs perform more effectively, our metabolism can increase; our bodies can burn fat at a faster pace; our food can be digested more effectively, and our liver can eliminate toxins and "bad" fats more effectively - all things which can have a positive effect on our body shape and size.

  • Reduce stress.
    Stress and anxiety can be a cause of weight gain - especially if you comfort eat! Relaxing yoga postures, and breathing techniques can help reduce the sense of stress, allowing you to feel more in control.
    More control equals less chance of hitting that chocolate bar!

  • Tone and re-shape your limbs.
    I can vouch for that!
    Anyone who knows me knows I'll never be a leggy model shape! (There's some things even plastic surgery won't do - and that includes adding a couple of inches to my legs!)
    But I've kept my waist; firmed and toned my legs and arms and managed to keep a pretty good flat tummy - despite two children. And I know yoga has played a big part in that.
But for me  and many other practising yogis - perhaps the most surprising thing of all is
how yoga puts us back in touch with our bodies.

Done mindfully, yoga forges a strong mind-body connection, which can help you become more aware of how you eat, what you eat, and when you are full.

More importantly, yoga can make you more susceptible to influence for change - so if you are thinking you want to change your lifestyle; or you want to change the way you think about food; or you want to get over destructive eating patterns you might have developed; yoga will give you the connection to your body which will help you want to make those changes.

In my experience, yoga helped me develop a far greater respect for, and awareness of, this amazing "machine" which supports our very essence; our personality.

When you make that shift mentally, the desire to ensure you do what you can to support your body almost flows naturally. Somehow it ceases to be a "fight" to "lose" weight: (psychological, language almost setting us up to fail/rebel - who wants to "lose"?? or "fight"??) and instead becomes a "desire" to "live long and be healthy!"

When that happens - you've made a real shift.
When that happens, it's not a "battle anymore" - it's just who you are. When that happens - you will see your body shape change for the better!




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