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So you now understand some of the main underlying causes of neck and shoulder pain (See blog post: )

And you know which yoga poses help you relieve the symptoms. (See blog post: )

Now it's time to ensure it doesn't come back!

3 ways to banish neck and shoulder pain permanently:

  1. Stop:

    a) Looking at your mobile phone while walking!

    b) Sitting for long periods, uninterrupted, at your desk with you hands in front of you, your shoulders slumped!
    c) Slouching on the sofa, in your car or anywhere else for that matter!

    All these bad habits do is create a pattern of poor posture which you are almost unaware of, but which is almost certainly building up the stiffness which will eventually cause you discomfort, pain and lack of mobility.

    Create more mindful habits NOW!

  2. Start introducing shoulder and neck rolls into a daily routine - and take regular physical breaks from sitting at your desk.

    If you have a sedentary job, sitting at a desk, find a few moments every 90 minutes or so to roll your shoulders up and back; squeezing your shoulder blades together. Visualise the base of your spine and imagine you are separating and creating space between the lower vertebrae, lifting the lower ribs away from the pelvis, and if you can, do a couple of neck rolls. Even this simple routine will release some of the tension you've been creating for the last hour or so!

    And if you start to feel any aches at all, make sure you do a ten minute yoga routine as soon as you can: to ease the tension. (See blog post: )

  3. Try to keep your chin slightly tucked and back while you sit.
    This lengthens the neck, placing the neck bones in the correct position.

Neck and shoulder pain can be extremely debilitating - but with these simple tips and just a few mindful yoga postures you don't need to suffer.

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