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Feel fitter, stronger, for longer

ONLY available for students who have purchased one of the 6 week beginner courses

  • Never miss a class with this video archive of previous courses - all 6 weeks there for you to watch at any time during your course.

  • Gives you an opportunity to practice in between sessions by reminding you of the poses and techniques you learn, helping you make progress more quickly.

  • Plus you also gain access to  some additional shorter 10 to  20 minute videos showing simple short sequences you can try on a more regular basis. Sometimes it's hard to find an hour - but 15 minutes is more doable! 


You have access to this video library for the duration of the beginner course plus one additional week for just an additional £4.

To purchase this membership please click here: I'd like access to the online video library for beginners.


12 months of unlimited access to face to face AND online classes
Access to recordings and online video library.

For the student who wants total flexibility, this membership allows you to access to up to 11 classes each week PLUS the online library.

(Attend or view online just 6 classes a month and that's £4.66 per class. -  some students take up a LOT more!)

You can: 

  • Attend ANY live classes at any venue - as long as space is available.

  • Attend any live online classes (between 1 and 3 per week will be available)

  • Access the recordings of the live classes 

  • Access the growing online video library.

To access this course click here

Enjoyed the online classes during the pandemic?

Prefer to do your yoga from the comfort of your own home? This memberships might be the right one for you.

For a 3 month minimum commitment your membership entitles you to:

  •  Attend up to 3 live stream classes each week.

  • Access to the recordings of all live classes for the month so you can catch up if you miss a class or want to try something different.

  • Access any on demand classes (from a growing library!) for the time you are a member. 



You can just drop in to an online class! (Note - if you are a new student, you can try out an online class for just £5. If you are new, choose the trial option)

This pass allows you to:

* Choose and attend one online class of your choice

* Gives you 5 days of access to the online library where you can see the recording of that class you booked PLUS browse through the growing on demand library of classes available to online members.


Yoga teaching on tap andin the comfort of your own home!

With this one month onine membership you have access to:

  • Any of the Zoom live online classes and recordings running that month. There will always be one live session each week - but some months there may be 3 live online sessions you could join.

  • The "on -demand" library of videos. Looking for some new ideas for sequences or yoga techniques to try? I am building a gorwing "library" of videos you have access to whilst ever you are a member.

To  join this membership click here

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Interested In Therapeutic Yoga or more personalised sessions?

If you suffer with a severe medical condition it may be that therapeutic and restorative sessions which teach you more restorative postures and breathing techniques in smaller groups or 1-1 might be best for you - at least initially.

If you'd like more information or want to register your interest in these sessions, then simply complete the form below and we'll get back to you very shortly.

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