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My mum used to say: It doesn't matter how much money you have - without your health you have nothing.

The older I get - the more I really understand that!

I began teaching yoga in my twenties - after a teacher training course which got me totally hooked on the benefits. I saw people on that programme who were finding it a really useful practice for relieving conditions such as arthritis and stress as well as building strength and flexibility and controlling weight. As someone who had  struggled with weight gain and a low self-esteem right through my teens, yoga seemed to have a far more positive effect on me than the gym attendance. I LOVED that programme.

I taught for 5 years, and then stopped teaching due to other work commitments - but even with a busy career and two children, yoga still remained part of my life and my own fitness regime. Yes - there were some periods when it seemed relegated to the back burner, but never for long - and over the last 20 years I have continued to practise in my own home.

Every day we see stories of the increasing elderly population and the increased risk of poor health associated with age. I believe yoga can be one of the most powerful ways of helping us to remain stronger and healthier, for longer.

I want to grow old - but not infirm; don't we all?

I want to make my second half century count - and if I can help others to do the same that seems like a good way to spend my time. 

I hope you join the movement!

Experience and credentials:
  • 500 hour, advanced qualification in yoga.                                                                 
  • Experienced teacher with over 8 years experience of teaching yoga.                               RYT500logo
  • Registered with Yoga Alliance _ E-RYT200 & RYT500.

I am a fully qualified yoga teacher, having studied to advanced 500 hour level - and consistently continuing my education and learning for my benefit - as well as that of my students!

Recently gained Yoga alliance "Experienced teacher" status: E-RYT200 for teaching over  1000 hours.

E RYT200 1 



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