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 Yoga is not only for people who are young and fit and in good health.shutterstock 170454953

It’s true, there are some vigorous yoga classes, but experienced yoga therapists often find that people with no experience in yoga make quicker progress than those with years of experience.  Yoga is not about “going for the burn”, or pushing yourself: instead it’s about listening to your body and gently moving into postures. With guidance from a good teacher you can learn how to stretch and increase your flexibility and strength without risk of injury.

 Yoga is not just about being flexible

shutterstock 161569388The primary aim of yoga is not flexibility  - it’s balance.

You may have flexibility - but what you need is strength. You may have strength, but need flexibility. You may be stressed and need to be able to relax. You may have trouble staying motivated. You may suffer the effects of illness which takes you out of balance. What yoga does is challenge you wherever you need it - making you a more balanced person.


Yoga is not a religion, nor is it just about sitting cross-legged chanting!shutterstock 141029854

There is certainly a spiritual side to yoga, but you don’t have to subscribe to a particular belief to benefit from it. Whatever brings you to yoga, it's probably because you want to improve some aspect of your physical or emotional health and unlike many other types of exercise, yoga supports a far broader spectrum of your health. You'll find what works for you.

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