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Back pain is a pain! In more ways than one!

Many of my students have back problems.                          

Almost everyone suffers from back pain at one time or another but as we get older, back pain, particularly lower back pain, and related conditions such as sciatica, can cause us real problems in terms of mobility.

It’s not just the lack of mobility - it’s the sometimes excruciating pain and frustration we feel when we can’t do simple things like put on our shoes or get in and out of the car! That's when you really start to feel old!

Most of us know gentle exercise is better than rest, which physicians now know simply causes us to seize up even further. So your GP is likely to prescribe gentle exercise and pain killers, so you can allow the body to move without wincing too much. Your doctor may also suggest a couple of sessions with a physiotherapist to help get you started and learn which movements are helpful and which to avoid. All of this is great advice.

However, easing the pain so you can move more easily isn’t just what this is all about.

Strengthening the core muscles which support the spine is important if you want to help protect your spine from further injury or other problems in the future.

3 reasons why yoga can help:

  1. Yoga helps improve the underlying causes of the back pain.
    Unless your condition is the result of a fall or other trauma, it is highly likely that poor posture, muscle tightness and/or muscle weakness will have made you more susceptible to back problems. There are some simple yoga exercises, which, if you did them even for just a few minutes a day, would build strength and more flexibility in your lower back area, so you would be less susceptible in future.
  2. Yoga movements improve the circulation in the spine
    Moving the spine gently through systematic stretching, bending and twisting, helps compress the spine disks, bringing them the fresh oxygen and other nutrients they need to remain healthy and pain free.
  3. Yoga helps raise your awareness and improves your posture
    We’ve already said poor posture can be an underlying cause of back problems. From watching TV slumped on the sofa to how we wash the dishes - this repeated poor alignment of the spine eventually weakens and puts pressure on the lower back area in particular, making us more likely to develop problems later on. Yoga encourages you to do the exercises mindfully, and become more aware of your posture so you find you start to change those bad habits and spend more time holding your spine in a way which will help strengthen and support you, rather than weaken you.

All for as little as 20 minutes a day.

Isn’t it worth it?


Find out more about how you can look after your back! Come and join us. to find out more, call 07904 262877 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

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